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Acorn Hat Pendant

Acorn Hat Pendant

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This handmade sterling silver Acorn Hat Pendant invites you to explore storytelling like never before! Relish in its intergenerational interactive aspects, and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. A conversation piece that's sure to bring joy for generations to come!

Unlock the magic of autumn with this Acorn Hat Pendant! Handcrafted in sterling silver with interactive elements, it makes the perfect heirloom piece for anyone looking for a timeless way to create lasting memories with kids, parents, and grandparents. Let the acorn hats spark imaginations on your next woodland adventure and make your own magical "Museum of Autumn"!

Pop the Acorn hat onto your finger and uncover the story telling elements that lie waiting for you and the little people in your world, strengthening bonds and growing imaginations.


Memories of childhood walks with my Dad in the woods foraging for treasure in the undergrowth and acorn hats inspire this new collection. We would make our own “Museum of Autumn” when we would make fingerger-puppet-shows with our Acorn Hats.

I hope that this collection will inspire you to do the same with your children. 

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