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InspiRing - Single (side text)

InspiRing - Single (side text)

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One single ring with text on the size, so that it can be worn and read as a necklace. This ring can be made to size so that it can be more versatile and worn as a ring as well as a necklace, perfect for people who use their hands a lot such as doctors, care workers, gardeners, chefs.


The Original InspiRing

*Personalised Item - Made to order* (non refundable)
An exquisitely hand crafted sterling silver ring, a classic design that will be loved for eternity.

Embracing your very own finger with your individual special words, InspiRings were born from HannahMary’s love of the sentimental and preserving memories.


Pronunciation: (Inspire . Ring) noun.

A handmade sterling silver ring, with personalised
inscription, often of inspirational text or ones own
special details (and Inspiring quote, baby’s dob,
name, weight etc, house numbers, song lyrics...) .
2. Made in Cornwall with the utmost love and care.
3. A great gift to show your favourite person how
much they mean to you. 4. A piece of jewellery that
will mean the world to the wearer.




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